While it may not seem like a big deal, the rising temperatures we encounter when summer arrives in the Tacoma area make routine vehicle maintenance more important than ever. There are several items you’ll want to check off before you head out on that next summer road trip, and Volvo of Tacoma at Fife is here to help! Our service center is staffed by Volvo-trained technicians that know exactly what it takes to keep your Volvo running like new. So visit us from Puyallup or Bellevue and give your car the service it needs to beat the summer heat today!

Keeping Up with Oil Changes

Chances are, you already know that it is important to keep up with the regularly scheduled oil changes your vehicle requires. However, in the summer that importance is greater than ever. Because oil is greatly affected by temperature, it is thinner at warmer temperatures than when it is cooler. In addition, as oil is repeatedly heated and cooled inside your engine, it will break down and become less able to coat and lubricate interior engine surfaces properly. Combine a higher ambient temperature with old, less lubricating oil, and you have a recipe for extreme engine damage and potentially terminal problems down the road.

The Right Tires Matter

You may feel like tires are tires, and as long as the tread depth is acceptable then everything is as it should be. However, different types of tires have different compounds, and the heat of summer definitely has a great affect on those tires meant specifically for colder weather. If you have winter tires on your car, even without studs, they are unsuitable for summer driving and should be changed to all-season or summer tires. For starters, the rubber compound used in winter or snow tires is meant to be flexible and provide grip at colder temperatures. However, when the temperature heats up and the asphalt temperature climbs even higher, those flexible winter tires become spongy, unpredictable, and unpleasant to drive on. Furthermore, they’ll wear out much more quickly, meaning you’ll end up buying an extra set of tires before the end of summer anyway. The best bet is to switch into a set of summer or all-season tires, whose treads are designed to wick away rain from wet roads and whose rubber compounds can hold up to the higher temperatures, and store those winter tires for the colder months of the year.

Stop! Have You Checked Your Brakes Lately?

Another component of your vehicle that is greatly affected by warm weather are your brakes. This especially concerns your brake pads and rotors, although having your fluid flushed and replaced isn’t a terrible idea either. Brake pads will wear more quickly in warmer weather because they will start a higher temperature than in winter. In addition, brake rotors that are too thin will reach a critical point where they begin to warp much more quickly than when things are colder, and the higher ambient temperature means that they’ll have a harder time cooling down between braking events. Ensuring that your rotors and pads are both in good shape will mean safe, confident stopping power all summer long.

Coolant and Radiator System

Finally, your coolant system generally requires a flush every 30,000 miles, although it could be more often if you frequently drive in stop and go traffic or tow with your vehicle. Over time, not only will some coolant naturally evaporate from the system causing low levels, but coolant that breaks down can become corrosive and damage internal engine parts. Finally, dirt and other particles can make their way into the small passageways that your coolant travels through to regulate engine temperature, causing restricted flow that you may not even notice. Flushing your coolant system and replacing your old coolant can help mitigate these issues and allow your cooling system to work more efficiently this summer.

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