Volvo Cars Tacoma is pleased to announce the latest in Volvo sustainable news.

With implementation of electric-vehicle chargers installed at select Starbucks locations from Denver to Seattle, travelers may enjoy a hot beverage while their Volvo C40 Recharge is being charged.

This initiative supports the Volvo-Starbucks partnership towards offering convenience in sustainability when driving across state lines.

The Sustainable, Denver-to-Seattle Corridor

In an ongoing commitment to sustainability, both Volvo Cars and the Starbucks Corporation have teamed up to site ChargePoint-powered EV chargers along a 1,350-mile route between Denver and Seattle.

As such, as many as 60 DC fast-charging stations will be found at 15 Starbucks locations along the way. Planned by the end of the year is an EV charging station every 100-miles, thereby creating an EV infrastructure unlike anything seen in the nation.

Iconic Spots Along the Way

Passing through areas harboring some of the nation’s most iconic vistas and spots, this collective charging opportunity lends safe and reliable places to recharge batteries – both related to driver and vehicle.

On the way to Seattle in your Volvo XC40 Recharge, you’ll be afforded access to skiing opportunities in Park City and Vail. Then comes Arches National Park in Utah and the Snake River in Idaho.

Moving closer to Seattle is enjoyment of Snoqualmie Pass, with outdoor attractions savored the entire stretch.

Taken in total, this network cements the Volvo-branded mission to allow people unfettered freedom in sustainable travel. And preserved are those very same sites and locations deemed environmentally important as national gems.

Volvo Cars Tacoma – Your Volvo Sustainable Headquarters Near Seattle

For more information on the benefits of Volvo sustainability, visit our local, Seattle-area dealership.

While here, we’ll demonstrate the ease of driving and charging the Volvo pure-electric or plug-in hybrid lineup.

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