Volvo Cars Tacoma is presently playing host to those Volvo Recharge pure-electric models remaining highly demanded near Fife, WA.

It's often the Seattle shopper comes to the conclusion that a fuel- and emissions-free existence is of paramount importance. Saved is cash and revitalized is the environment. And federal tax credits worth up to $7,500 may be claimed with your Volvo pure-electric acquisition.

In all, it's a winning situation with a simple overnight charge.

Volvo Recharge Pure-Electric – Redefining Sustainable Luxury, Convenience

At present, Puyallup shoppers benefit from a wide inventory of Volvo Recharge pure-electric models now onsite and test driven. And once stepping inside, that sense of sustainable enticement mates perfectly with interior spaces free of leather.

In fact, reclaimed materials have been used in the fabrication of carpets, seating surfaces and trim. To this is a carbon footprint drastically reduced.

Maintenance, as well, is relegated to tire assortments and brake-system parts. With no combustion engine to mind, oil changes become a relic and there's more interior space provided occupants. Where the engine would be is a storage compartment for charging cables or gym bags.

And then there were the actual Volvo Recharge pure-electric models featuring the above and more for Fife shoppers to explore.

Volvo C40 Recharge – The Pure-Electric Luxury Crossover

The Volvo C40 Recharge represents the latest edition in fuel-free Volvo luxury models.

Compact crossover appeal intact, seating for five passengers is accomplished within a cabin soothing. Back-lit décor is found bordering the dashboard and cockpit door panels. Touches of Fjord Blue lend an accenting touch throughout.

Exterior-wise, C40 Recharge offers a rather daring silhouette. The roofline dips to the rear in one continuous arc, while oncoming air meets with rear-gate spoilers on either side and another firmly affixed below. Taillights exhibit a thrusting vertical design reaching upward, leaving luminescence as a wake.

Other key details to note are found below and specific to C40 Recharge:

  • Pure-electric ranging encompasses up to 226-miles past Seattle.
  • From stillness to 60 mph, acceleration is timed to 4.5-seconds given 402 hp.
  • Maximum cargo spacing lends up to 49 cu.-ft.
  • Towing capacity enables opportunities of 2,000-lbs. hauled safely through Puyallup.

And with new equipment levels applied to C40 Recharge, choice of amenities and accoutrements is a seamless, simplified exercise.

Volvo XC40 Recharge – Once the Brand's Inaugural Pure-Electric Luxury SUV

Indeed, the Volvo XC40 Recharge was the very first Volvo pure-electric SUV brought to market. And since, improvements have been made to ranging and electric motor setup – all while seating five passengers in an environment comforting.

Wool-blended upholstery covers seating surfaces trimmed by white piping. The panoramic roof above is wholly welcoming of Pacific Northwest skies.

To the exterior are aerodynamic wheels of a five spoked design in lessening drag. And those compact lines lend more efficiency to a fuel-free radius encompassing 223-miles from a single overnight charge.

As such, Fife shoppers will appreciate the new equipment levels to XC40 Recharge given the following aspects exclusive:

  • Core provides Google applications built-in and voice activated, and powered rear tailgate.
  • Plus welcomes Core features, and adds flourishes of 360-degree camera and fog lights.
  • Ultimate is the very top tier, offering Puyallup shoppers Harman Kardon sound and adaptive cruise control.

Of course, there are more offerings to each new equipment level above. These demonstrated with your visit and test drive onsite at Volvo Cars Tacoma.

Volvo Cars Tacoma – Explore the Volvo Pure-Electric Lineup Near Seattle, WA

Discover what makes the Volvo Recharge pure-electric lineup in-demand and coveted throughout Seattle.

You'll also learn about all the benefits extended a wholly sustainable Volvo luxury model.

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